Frequently asked questions – Sponsorship partners

Who are you?

Elevate was founded by racing parents working through the realization that sponsorship is key to moving up in racing and that managing sponsorship is a full time job to do it right and create value. We believe that young drivers can learn how to create a brand that supports corporate partners while we are delivering on the strategy of the partnership itself.

We are customers ourselves and test Elevate service offerings on our own driver and own companies as sponsors.

who are your drivers?

Our drivers are from across North America and are 14-28 years old. We continually are build new drivers into valuable assets for your company and will provide an opportunity for in person or virtual meetings with your prospective driver before hand.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are located in East Lansing Michigan and our support team are located in California, Tennessee, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Why not just go to a driver directly?

Our services focus on a marketing strategy and execution of that strategy through marketing tactics. We bring accountability to the sponsorship for everyone involved, we free drivers to focus on driving and deliver peace of mind to sponsors in knowing that a full time agency is working on a clear plan with measurable results.

How Are sponsorships paid?

We accept ACH, check, crypto and credit cards (with fee) Sponsorships are generally year long and paid in installments. We are happy to structure these payments to meet your tax planning requirements.

how do I know what is happening to market by company?

Our team provides monthly reports detailing the activity and reach your marketing has had. Our drivers provide after race reporting to their sponsors with a link to event photography for use in your our promotion.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on your marketing strategy and plan. We can tailor a program to fit most budgets.

Where does our sponsorship dollars go?

Sponsorship dollars are split between your driver and team to provide things like transportation of cars, team members, parts, and fuel, car leases, mechanics and engineer and driver coach. Each race weekend your driver may use 3 or more sets of tires which your sponsorship supports as well as entry fees to race weekends.

The second half funds the value to you, the sponsor while teaching young drivers how to be amazing partners to business. This varies depending on the strategy we are working on but includes printing and production of driver/sponsor take always, photography, social media management staff, PR managers, on site event staff and any travel they need to make it all happen.

Elevating your brand – elevating the sport

Focused on delivering results and building brands. It starts with our drivers and comes to life in your campaign.

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