Motorsport Sponsorship 101

Our focus on US motorsports is focused on key areas in the junior ladder system, specifically in the US F4 Championship and Formula Regional Americas Championship which are sanctioned by the FIA and considered on the road to F1. Each series promotes drivers to the next level cars with more power and grip in the form of larger tires and aerodynamics. With each step up the ladder, the operating expenses increase as well.

Cars can be run by the driver themselves in a private team, though rarely does that prove to be successful. Most recent winning drivers have been part of multi car teams where are driver may own or lease the car and the team provides service, repairs, transportation and crew to each race. The cars of today include complicated data capture systems allowing teams to see exactly the speed of the car in each sector for the track, precise brake pressure used in each corner and how the throttle was applied in and out of the corner.

Drive to survive series raises US Visability of Formula racing

Drive to Survive premiered on Netflix on March 8th of 2019 and immediately took the US visibility of Formula car racing to heights never seen before. Now in its 4th season, new fans of Formula 1 that have never previously watched racing, tune in and attend races in person.

Because Formula 1 has become so popular in the United States, it has had a halo effect on all open wheel race car series like IndyCar, the Road to Indy junior series and the US F4 Championship and Formula Regional Championship.

This increased visibility has made the US F4 Championship and Formula Regional Championship especially good values for your marketing dollars.

Brand Identity

Some of the biggest corporations in the world are involved in Motorsport. Google, Oracle, Crowd Strike Richard Mille, Rolex and more trust motorsports to get them in front of the right clients.

Our opportunities allow a similar look and feel at an investment level that can easily fit into your marketing budget and allows you to grow with your drivers career.

Product Launch

Product launches are a great opportunity for motorsport marketing. With branding opportunities on both cars and drivers, social media support and press releases driving earned media, your product can have the launch it truly deserves.

Many tracks allow for sampling of products and branded take away items to keep your brand front and center.

Employee / client events

From a track / karting day with your driver providing coaching and tips, right in your local area (drivers ship well) to trackside hospitality at race events, we have countless ways to show your employees or key clients your care.

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